By Ace Burns

Ace Burns


Everyone talks about kicking the door down. They tell us, “just follow your dreams! Just go for it all!” But then, when you’ve left a professional career as an attorney, and you’ve leveraged every friend, lost every professional contact and support system, no one is ever there to help you pick up the pieces. Well that’s where my life was when I became a rapper.

And 6 months later, with a record out and a respectable amount of buzz surrounding my next release, I’m thrilled to share my blueprint.

The Delusion and the Reality of the Music Business

Be Delusional

The first thing I want all…

The brewing Trademark battle between Cryptocurrency startup Wacoinda and Disney Enterprises’ Wakanda

Written by Israel Ace Burns [1]



Without a doubt, when it comes to fame, it does not get bigger than the legacy of Mr. Walter Elias Disney and his brainchild corporation, The Walt Disney Company. I’m wondering however, how many Black Panther fans know that the mythical city of Wakanda[2], the pious T’Challa, and even the vengeful Killmonger are all the tightly held intellectual property of Disney Enterprises Inc. …

Ace Burns

Music Executive / Founder of Burns Consulting / Owner at Lagos Diamond Exchange / Juris Doctor / ICO consultant/ Founder of Koinda Records

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